Everspin’s MRAM-based nvNITRO NVMe Storage Accelerator accelerates financial transactions in the cloud—new App Note

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Everspin’s nvNITRO NVMe Storage Accelerator is a persistent-memory PCIe storage card for cloud and data-center applications that delive4rs up to 1.46 million IOPS for random 4Kbyte mixed 70/30 read/write operations. It’s based on Everspin’s STT-MRAM (spin-transfer torque magnetic RAM) chips and uses a Xilinx Kintex UltraScale KU060 FPGA to implement the MRAM controller and the board’s PCIe Gen3 x8 host interface. Everspin has just published an nvNITRO application note titled “Accelerating Fintech Applications with Lossless and Ultra-Low Latency Synchronous Logging using nvNITRO” that details the use of the nvNITRO Storage Accelerator to speed cloud-based financial transactions. The application note explores how Everspin nvNITRO technology can improve FinTech (Financial Technology) performance without creating additional compliance risks.


If you haven’t looked deeply into the intricacies of financial trading transactions, the app note starts with a clarifying block diagram, which shows the multiple layers built into the transaction process:




Everspin Financial Transaction Diagram.jpg 




The diagram shows many opportunities for accelerating transactions, which is important because in this market, microseconds translate into millions of dollars gained or lost.


If you’re developing cloud-based systems and acceleration is important, whether or not you’re developing FinTech applications, take a few minutes to read the Everspin app note.




For more information about the Everspin nvNITRO Storage Accelerator, see “Everspin’s new MRAM-based nvNITRO NVMe card delivers Optane-crushing 1.46 million IOPS (4Kbyte, mixed 70/30 read/write).”



Please contact Everspin for more information about the nvNITRO Storage Accelerator.





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