Deutsche Börse Group monitors every trade with Metamako’s MetaApp 32 Network Application Platform, based on Virtex-7 FPGAs

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Although Deutsche Börse Group, one of the world’s largest stock and security exchanges, already had a packet-capture and time-stamping solution in place, a major upgrade and redesign of their co-location network in 2017 added 60 Metamakos K-Series networking devices—including the company’s MetaApp 32 Network Application Platform—in to its data center in Frankfurt, Germany. This upgrade was a response to increasing customer demand for market fairness and precision in network-based trading. The upgrade significantly enhances and strengthens network-monitoring capabilities and gives full visibility for network transactions by capturing every packet entering and exiting Deutsche Börse Group’s network. (Metamako has published a case study of this application. Click here for more information.)



Metamako MetaApp 32 Network Application Platform.jpg


Metamako’s MetaApp 32 Network Application Platform




Metamako’s MetaApp 32 is an adaptable network application platform that brings intelligence to the network edge for some of the most demanding, latency-critical networks including high-frequency trading and analytics. It is based on Xilinx Virtex-7 FPGAs, which means that the company’s Network Application Platform can run multiple networking applications in parallel—very quickly.




For more information about Metamako’s networking products including the MetaApp 32 Network Application Platform, see “Metamako’s new low-latency, high-performance networking platform delivers application parallelism through multiple FPGAs.”




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