Amazon releases ~2-hour re:Invent 2017 Developer Workshop for the FPGA-based AWS EC2 F1 instance—now online

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There was a live AWS EC2 F1 application-acceleration Developer’s Workshop during last month Amazon’s re:Invent 2017. If you couldn’t make it, don’t worry. It’s now online and you can run through it in about two hours (I’m told). This workshop teaches you how to develop accelerated applications using the AWS F1 OpenCL flow and the Xilinx SDAccel development environment for the AWS EC2 F1 platform, which uses Xilinx Virtex UltraScale+ FPGAs as high-performance hardware accelerators.


The architecture of the AWS EC2 F1 platform looks like this:



AWS EC2 F1 Architecture.jpg 


AWS EC2 F1 Architecture




This developer workshop is divided in 4 modules. Amazon recommends that you complete each module before proceeding to the next.


  1. Connecting to your F1 instance 
    You will start an EC2 F1 instance based on the FPGA developer AMI and connect to it using a remote desktop client. Once connected, you will confirm you can execute a simple application on F1.
  2. Experiencing F1 acceleration 
    AWS F1 instances are ideal to accelerate complex workloads. In this module you will experience the potential of F1 by using FFmpeg to run both a software implementation and an F1-optimized implementation of an H.265/HEVC encoder.
  3. Developing and optimizing F1 applications with SDAccel 
    You will use the SDAccel development environment to create, profile and optimize an F1 accelerator. The workshop focuses on the Inverse Discrete Cosine Transform (IDCT), a compute intensive function used at the heart of all video codecs.
  4. Wrap-up and next steps 
    Explore next steps to continue your F1 experience after the re:Invent 2017 Developer Workshop.



Access the online AWS EC2 F1 Developer’s Workshop here.



For more information about Amazon’s AWS EC2 F1 instance in Xcell Daily, see:









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