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Karl Freund’s article titled “Amazon AWS And Xilinx: A Progress Report” appeared on today. Freund is a Moor Insights & Strategy Senior Analyst for Deep Learning and High-Performance Computing (HPC). He describes Amazon’s FPGA-based AWS EC2 F1 instance offering this way:



“…the cloud leader [Amazon] is laying the foundation to simplify FPGA adoption by creating a marketplace for accelerated applications built on Xilinx [Virtex UltraScale+] FPGAs.”



Freund then discusses what’s happened since Amazon announced its AWS EC2 F1 instance a year ago. Here are his seven highlights:


  1. "AWS has now deployed the F1 instances to four regions, with more to come…”
  2. “To support the Asian markets, where AWS has limited presence, Xilinx has won over support from the Alibaba and Huawei cloud operations.” (Well, that’s ones not really about Amazon, but let’s keep in in anyway, shall we?)
  3. “Xilinx has launched a global developer outreach program, and has already trained over 1,000 developers [on the use of AWS EC2 F1] at three Xilinx Developer Forums—with more to come.”
  4. “Xilinx has recently released a Machine Learning (ML) Amazon Machine Instance (AMI), bringing the Xilinx Reconfigurable Acceleration Stack (announced last year) for ML Inference to the AWS cloud.”
  5. “Xilinx partner Edico Genome recently achieved a Guinness World Record for decoding human genomes, analyzing 1000 full human genomes on 1000 F1 instances in 2 hours, 25 minutes; a remarkable 100-fold improvement in performance…”
  6. “AWS has added support for Xilinx SDAccel programming environment to all AWS regions for solution developers…”
  7. “Xilinx partner Ryft has built an impressive analytic platform on F1, enabling near-real-time analytics by eliminating data preparation bottlenecks…”



The rest of Freund’s article discusses the Ryft’s AWS Marketplace offering in more detail and concludes with this:



“…at least for now,, Huawei, Alibaba, Baidu, and Tencent have all voted for Xilinx.”




For extensive Xcell Daily coverage about the AWS EC2 F1 instance, see:















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