VadaTech FPGA-based AMC/VPX598 Quad ADC/Quad DAC sips and spits fire: 14-bit analog in @ 3Gsamples/sec, 16-bit analog out @ 12Gsamples/sec

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If you’ve got some high-speed RF analog work to do, VadaTech’s new AMC598 and VPX598 Quad ADC/Quad DAC modules appear to be real workhorses. The four 14-bit ADCs (using two AD9208 dual ADCs) operate at 3Gsamples/sec and the quad 16-bit DACs (using four AD9162 or AD9164 DACs) operate at 12Gsamples/sec. You’re not going to drive those sorts of data rates over the host bus so the modules have local memory in the form of three DDR4 SDRAM banks for a total of 20Gbytes of on-board SDRAM. A Xilinx Kintex UltraScale KCU115 FPGA (aka the DSP Monster, the largest Kintex UltraScale FPGA family member with 5520 DSP slices that give you an immense amount of digital signal processing power to bring to bear on those RF analog signals) manages all of the on-board resources (memory, analog converters, and host bus) and handles the blazingly fast data-transfer rates allowing you to create RF waveform generators and advanced RF-capture systems for applications including communications and signal intelligence (COMINT/SIGINT), radar, and electronic warfare using Xilinx tools including the Vivado Design Suite HLx Editions and the Xilinx Vivado System Generator for DSP, which can be used in conjunction with MathWorks’ MATLAB and the Simulink model-based design tool.


Here’s a block diagram of the AMC598 module:



VadaTech AMC598 Quad ADC and Quad DAC Block Diagram.jpg



 VadaTech AMC598 Quad ADC/Quad DAC Block Diagram




And here’s a photo of the AMC598 Quad ADC/Quad DAC module:




VadaTech AMC598 Quad ADC and Quad DAC.jpg



VadaTech AMC598 Quad ADC/Quad DAC




Note: Please contact VadaTech directly for more information about the AMC598 and VPX598 Quad ADC/Quad DAC modules.




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November 22, 2017 at 03:43AM


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