EVT’s new Zynq-based, programmable EyeCheck ZQ smart video camera is just slightly larger than an index finger

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Eye Vision Technology (EVT) has announced a tiny new line in its EyeCheck series of smart industrial cameras. According to the EVT announcement, the EyeCheck ZQ smart camera is “hardly bigger than an index finger” (no precise specifications available). Even at that size, the EyeCheck ZQ camera manages to integrate four illuminating LEDs around the camera’s lens. An onboard Xilinx Zynq SoC adds the camera’s intelligence and makes the camera software-programmable for applications including bar, DMC, and QR code reading; pattern matching; counting and measuring objects; and object error detection for detecting visible manufacturing defects, as an example.



EVT EyeCheck ZQ Smart Camera.jpg 



EVT’s Zynq-based EyeCheck ZQ smart camera is a little larger than an index finger




Programming involved drag-and-drop, graphical-based programming using the company’s EyeVision software. According to the EVT announcement, use of the Zynq SoC allows the camera to run applications much faster than any other camera in the company’s EyeCheck series. EyeVision commands take the form of icons, which can be lined up. As an example, a bar-code-reading application program requires only three icons. The EyeCheck ZQ camera is also available as a pre-programmed vision sensor, which EVT calls its EyeSens series.


Because of its high processing speed, small size, and light weight, the EyeCheck ZQ smart camera is well suited for smart-imaging applications including robot arms used for production lines in the automotive or electronics industry.




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