Zynq-based, multi-effect guitar processor wins Student Category in Xilinx University Program’s Open Hardware 2017

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Guitar pedal aficionados will love this winning entry in the Xilinx University Program’s Open Hardware 2017 competition, Student Category. It’s a senior-year project from Vladi Litmanovich and Adi Mikler from Tel Aviv University and it’s based on an Avnet ZedBoard Dev Kit. The on-board Zynq Z-7020 SoC accepts audio from an electric guitar, passes it through four effects processors, sums the resulting audio, and ships the audio to a guitar amplifier. The result is a multi-effect processor similar to the stacked pedal processors favored by musicians for the last 50 years to achieve just the right sound for each song.


The on-board Zynq SoC implements the multi-effects processor’s user interface, based on the ZedBoard’s switches and LEDs, and implements four real-time audio effects using the Zynq SoC’s programmable logic:


  • Distortion and Overdrive
  • Octavelo (an Octaver plus Tremolo)
  • Tremolo
  • Delay


Here’s a block diagram of the audio-processing chain:



Guitar Multi-Effects Processor Block Diagram.jpg




There’s a complete description of the project with implementation details on GitHub.



Because this is music, a video demo is much better for illustrating these audio effects:










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