Ettus Research accepts 7 teams to compete in the $10K RFNoC & Vivado HLS challenge for SDR designs

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Last September at the GNU Radio Conference (GRCon16) in Boulder, CO, Ettus Research announced its RFNoC & Vivado HLS Challenge with a $10,000 grand prize for developing “innovative and useful open-source RF Network on Chip (RFNoC) blocks that highlight the productivity and development advantage of Xilinx Vivado High-Level Synthesis (HLS) for FPGA programming using C, C++, or System C. The new RFNoC blocks generated during the challenge will add to the rapidly growing library of available open-source blocks for programming FPGAs in SDR development and production.”


Based on formal proposals, the company has now accepted seven teams for the challenge:



  • Team Guerrieri – Self
  • Team MarmotE – Vanderbilt University & Budapest University of Technology
  • Team WINLAB – Rutgers University
  • Team Waveform Benders – Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
  • Team Rabbit Ears – UC San Diego & SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific
  • Team Signum – Tennessee Tech University
  • Team E to the J Omega – HawkEye 360



The final challenge competition will take place in May or June 2017 (venue to be announced) and the teams are required to submit technical papers for publication in the GRCon17 technical proceedings outlining their design’s contribution, implementation, results, and lessons learned. (GRCon17 takes place on September 11-15, 2017 in San Diego, CA.)




For more information about the challenge, see “Matt Ettus of Ettus Research wants you to win $10K. All you have to do is meet his RFNoC & Vivado HLS challenge for SDR.”



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February 28, 2017 at 08:35PM


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