Xilinx UltraFast Design Methodology gets free, 2-page Quick Reference Guide that you can read…ultra fast

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Xilinx launched the UltraFast Design Methodology more than three years ago. It’s designed to get you from project start to a successful, working design using the Xilinx Vivado Design Suite in the least amount of time using hand-picked best practices from industry experts. There’s a 364-page methodology manual titled “UltraFast Design Methodology Guide for the Vivado Design Suite” (UG949) that describes the methodology in detail and you can download and read it for free. (And you should.)


Don’t have time right now to read the 364-page version? Maybe you just want to get the ideas to see if it’s worth your time to read the full manual. (Hint: It is.)


OK, so if you’re that pressed for time there’s a 2-page Quick Reference Guide (UG1231) that you can read to see what the ideas are all about. You can download that guide here, also for free.



UltraFast Design Methodology Quick Reference Guide.jpg



Note: If you’re looking for something in between take a look at “UltraFast: Hand-picked best practices from industry experts, distilled into a potent Design Methodology.”



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