Dense Optical Flow hardware-acceleration on Zynq SoC made easier by SDSoC and OpenCV libraries

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The 4-minute video below demonstrates a real-time, dense optical flow demonstration running on a Xilinx Zynq SoC. The entire demo was developed using C/C++, the Xilinx SDSoC development environment, and associated OpenCV libraries. The dense optical flow algorithm compares successive video images to estimate the apparent motion of each pixel in the one of the images. This technique is used in video compression, object detection, object tracking, and image segmentation. Dense optical flow is a computationally-intensive operation, which makes it an ideal candidate for hardware acceleration using the programmable logic in a small, low-power Zynq SoC.


As Xilinx Senior Product Manager for SDSoC and Embedded Vision Nick Ni explains, SDSoC lowers the barriers to using the Zynq SoC in these embedded-vision applications because the tool makes it relatively easy for software developers accustomed to using only C or C++ to develop hardware-accelerated applications with the coding tools and styles they already know. SDSoC then converts the code that requires acceleration into hardware and automatically links this hardware to the software through DMA.






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January 25, 2017 at 09:32PM


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