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For the last three years, I’ve searched for a book on designing with FPGAs—specifically Xilinx FPGAs—that I can recommend to people who are just starting out. The introduction of the Vivado Design Suite in April 2012 complicated things because existing books on FPGA-based design did not discuss Vivado.


Now, there’s a 260-page book from Springer that I can recommend. The book title is “Designing with Xilinx FPGA: Using Vivado.” That’s pretty self-explanatory, isn’t it?


You might be able to teach yourself all of the topics in this book by collecting dozens of different documents on the Web site. You’ll find it a lot easier just to get this book.


The simplest way to explain the books’ contents is to list the clearly labeled chapters, each written by a different author:


     1.   State-of-the-Art Programmable Logic

     2.   Vivado Design Tools

     3.   IP Flows

     4.   Gigabit Transceivers

     5.   Memory Controllers

     6.   Processor Options

     7.   Vivado IP Integrator

     8.   SysGen for DSP

     9.   Synthesis

     10. C-Based Design

     11. Simulation

     12. Clocking

     13. Stacked Silicon Interconnect (SSI)

     14. Timing closure

     15. Power Analysis and Optimization

     16. System Monitor

     17. Hardware Debug

     18. Emulation using FPGAs

     19. Partial Reconfiguration and Hierarchical Design



This newly published book covers extremely current topics including Stacked Silicon Interconnect (the Xilinx designation for 3D ICs) and the Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC. Of course, just as it says in the book title, the text heavily discusses the use of the Vivado Design Suite to develop designs with Xilinx devices.



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