NGCodec announces high-speed 4K video compression for Amazon AWS’ new FPGA-accelerated EC2 F1 instance

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Today, NGCodec demonstrated its hardware-accelerated RealityCodec 4K video codec running on the Amazon AWS’ FPGA-accelerated EC2 F1 instance, announced just yesterday at Amazon’s AWS re:Invent 2016 event in Las Vegas, Nevada. (See “Amazon picks Xilinx UltraScale+ FPGAs to accelerate AWS, launches F1 instance with 8x VU9P FPGAs per instance.”) Amazon AWS customers will be able to buy NGCodec’s RealityCodec when it becomes available in the AWS Marketplace and will run it on the Amazon EC2 F1 instance, which is a hardware-accelerated offering based on multiple Xilinx UltraScale+ FPGAs packed into the AWS server chassis. NGCodec’s RealityCodec running on the Amazon EC2 F1 instance delivers ultra-high-performance video compression (with up to 4K resolution) and ultra-low, sub-frame latency for cloud-based VR and AR. (See NGCodec’s press release here.)


NGCodec’s RealityCodec is an excellent example of the type of cloud-based application that can benefit from FPGA-based hardware acceleration. Amazon’s announcement yesterday of a standardized hardware-accelerated offering for AWS follows an accelerating trend towards offering FPGA-based acceleration to cloud-services customers. Like Amazon, many of the major cloud service providers have announced deployment of FPGA technology in their Hyperscale data centers to drive their services business in an extremely competitive market. FPGAs are the perfect complement to highly agile cloud computing environments because they are programmable and can be hardware-optimized for any new application or algorithm. The inherent ability of an FPGA to reconfigure and be reprogrammed over time is perhaps its greatest advantage in a fast-moving field.


For more information about FPGA-based hardware acceleration in the data center, check out the new Xilinx Acceleration Zone and take a look at this White Paper from Moor Insights & Strategy, which describes the new Xilinx Reconfigurable Acceleration Stack. (See “Xilinx Reconfigurable Acceleration Stack speeds programming of machine learning, data analytics, video-streaming apps.”)







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