Four Hybrid Memory Cube Demos at SC15 show how well the HMC works with Xilinx FPGAs

2016年1月6日 | By News | Filed in: News.


Here’s a 3-minute video shot at the SC15 conference in Austin last month that crams four different HMC (Hybrid Memory Cube) application demonstrations into a mere 198 seconds. All four demos pair the Micron HMC with Xilinx FPGAs using 15Gbps links. Demo one is a simple memory traffic-pattern exerciser. Demo two shows how the Micron Sidewinder Probe can provide detailed traffic flow throughout the HMC’s address space. (See “Micron Sidewinder Probe Shows Real-Time Hybrid Memory Cube Traffic” for more detail.) Demo three shows a real-time video analysis application developed by Teradeep using Deep Neural Networks. (See “Teradeep gets a better than 8x GOPS/W advantage for real-time, image-recognition engine implemented with FPGA in the Zynq SoC” for more detail.) Demo four shows a Xilinx FPGA running the SHA-1 cryptographic hash algorithm (created with the Xilinx SDAccel Development Environment). The FPGA-based implementation is about as fast as a SHA-1 implementation on an Intel server processor but consumes only 10% of the power. That’s a very big deal in Cloud Computing centers.


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