Auviz offers free eval version of its high-performance OpenCV Computer Vision Library for Xilinx All Programmable dev

2015年12月9日 | By News | Filed in: News.


Auviz specializes in middleware IP and has just announced that it’s offering a free eval version of its OpenCV computer vision library—called AuvizCV—for Xilinx All Programmable devices. The company is doing this in concert with the recent Xilinx announcement that Vivado HLS is now bundled into all versions of the Vivado Design Suite HLx Editions. (See “All Vivado users now have access to C-level synthesis through free Vivado HLx upgrade. Free, as in FREE.”) In a blog announcing this Auviz offer, Auviz founder Vin Ratford writes: “Availability of optimized libraries are key to success with HLx. Our goal is to enable software developers to program FPGA’s leveraging the ESL flow. Now that the Xilinx tools are free we are also offering a FREE evaluation version of our AuvizCV library available immediately.”

What can the AuvizCV library do for you? It delivers vision-centric system performance that’s extremely competitive with or better than the performance you get from a GPU, but with the substantially reduced power consumption levels you get from an FPGA. Here’s a performance graph from the AuvizCV Web page that graphically tells the story:

AuvizCV Performance Chart.jpg

If you’re working on any sort of embedded-vision or machine-vision application, this is a great offer. Click on the AuvizCV link and try it out.


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