FPGA-based Ryft ONE search accelerator delivers 100x performance advantage over Apache Spark in the data center

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Source: https://forums.xilinx.com/t5/Xcell-Daily-Blog/FPGA-based-Ryft-ONE-search-accelerator-delivers-100x-performance/ba-p/667171

My prowl for groundbreaking cloud-computing apps on the SC15 show floor last week brought me to Ryft’s booth where the company’s new Ryft ONE FPGA-accelerated data analytics platform was prominently on display. The Ryft ONE is a 1U box designed to slide right into a server rack. It melds a familiar x86 front end with 48Tbytes of SSD storage and a high-speed parallel processing array—dubbed the Ryft Analytics Cortex—consisting of 11 FPGAs ready to be loaded with Ryft Algorithm Primitives that implement tasks including search, fuzzy search, and term frequency. Ryft ONE can execute searches and fuzzy searches at the rate of 10Gbytes/sec using standard cloud-friendly APIs.

Ryft ONE.jpg

The secret to the Ryft ONE’s analytic processing speed is that the box doesn’t index the data. Data streams into the Ryft ONE at 10Gbytes/sec, feeds into the SSDs, and then passes into the Ryft Analytics Cortex—which treats the data (all of the data) as a big, searchable bit string. Consequently, data type and data organization do not matter. It’s all just one long string of searchable bits to the Ryft ONE.

As much as I don’t like using the overused phrase, index-less search is truly a paradigm shift for data analytics in the data center. It’s a fast paradigm shift too. A Ryft ONE delivers a 100x performance advantage over Apache Spark for specific streaming analytic jobs.

Oh, and those FPGAs in the Ryft ONE? They’re from Xilinx of course. But then you probably guessed that already.

Note: Ryft has a detailed White Paper about the Ryft ONE written by the The Bloor Group. It’s titled “A Ryft in the Market.” Contact Ryft for more info. These guys know what they’re doing. They’re located just outside of Washington, DC. Get my dryft?


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