Graphical, Zynq-based Vehicle Dashboard Demo based on International Collection of Software Components

2015年8月21日 | By News | Filed in: News.


I love it when cool new Zynq-based designs just drop out of the sky. Here’s a very short video just posted on YouTube from ELMG Digital Power in New Zealand demonstrating a graphical vehicle dashboard. The ELMG demo runs on a Zynq-based Avnet MicroZed plugged into an I/O carrier card:

The really interesting part of this demo is the international array of Zynq-compatible software components ELMG used to create this demo:

  • The automotive dash cluster is built with QT Graphics headquartered in Helsinki.
  • The graphics control IP is programmed from Xylon’s LogicBricks LCD controller and 2D GPU. Xylon is in Croatia.
  • The dash widgets are based on code from in Poland.
  • The system runs ubuntu linux from, well, cyberspace.


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