System Performance tools in the Xilinx SDK can really help you hone your system’s performance

2015年3月28日 | By News | Filed in: News.


There are some awesomely powerful system-analysis tools now under the hood of the Xilinx SDK. You’re going to want to know about these tools if you’re using Zynq SoCs or considering them for your next design. Here’s a 4.5-minute video with an overview and demo of these tools. Let me caution you, you’re going to need to let the first minute and a half worth of marketing just walk on by but then the video comes to the meat you’re looking for. Here’s the video:

For some hard technical facts, see Forrest Picket’s excellent, 36-page app note, XAPP1219, “System Performance Analysis of an All Programmable SoC.”


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