Open-source, AXI4-compliant memory controller for the Micron HMC developed at the University of Heidelberg

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If you’re interested in working with the Micron HMC (Hybrid Memory Cube), then you’ll likely be interested in openHMC—an open-source, AXI4-compliant memory controller for the HMC developed by the Computer Architecture Group at the University of Heidelberg in Germany. It’s a parameterizable IP block that allows you to set different overall data widths, external lane widths, and clock speeds depending on application needs. Micron was exhibiting an HMC board connected to a Xilinx UltraScale FPGA eval board implementing the open-source HMC controller in its booth at SC14 (Supercomputing 14) in New Orleans.



Open-Source HMC Controller IP for UltraScale.jpg



The openHMC memory controller implements the following features as described in the HMC specification Rev 1.1:


  • Full link-training, sleep mode, and link retraining
  • 16- to 128-byte read and write (posted and non-posted) transactions
  • Posted and non-posted bit-write and atomic requests
  • Read and Write Mode
  • Full packet flow control
  • Packet integrity checks (sequence number, packet length, CRC)
  • Full link retry


Currently the following configurations are supported (8 or 16 lanes):


  • 2 FLITs per Word / 256-bit datapath
  • 4 FLITs per Word / 512-bit datapath
  • 6 FLITs per Word / 768-bit datapath
  • 8 FLITs per Word / 1024-bit datapath


For more information and a free Verilog download of the open-source IP, click here.

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