Dell offers FPGA-based Napatech Acceleration Platforms for developing network management, security appliance products

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Dell OEM Solutions now offers 4G and 40G Napatech Acceleration Platforms based on Dell PowerEdge servers and Napatech PCIe accelerator cards. It is paired with the Dell PowerEdge R720 2S/2U rack server, which is based on Intel Xeon E5-2600 or E5-2600v2 processors. The Napatech NT40E3-4-PTP card used in the 40G Acceleration Platform is a 40Gbps accelerator with four 10Gbps SFP+ ports. It is paired with the Dell PowerEdge R620 2S/1U rack server, which is based on Intel Xeon E5-2600 processor. The Napatech NT4E2-4-PTP card used in the 4G Acceleration Platform is a 4Gbps accelerator with four 1Gbps SFP ports. Both Napatech accelerator boards used in the Dell Acceleration Platforms are based on Xilinx Virtex-7 FPGAs.


The boards provide full packet capture and analysis of Ethernet LAN data with zero packet loss for all frame sizes, providing intelligent features for flow identification, filtering, and distribution with extremely low CPU load. Flexible time synchronization support includes support for IEEE 1588-2008 (PTP v2).The accelerator boards are designed for in-line applications.


Dell OEM Solutions has helped customers in key vertical markets accelerate time to market through customizable Tier-1 OEM technologies for more than 15 years. The Napatech Acceleration Platforms are the latest products in the company’s line, designed for development of high-performance network management and security appliance products. These are pre-tested and pre-integrated products for the data center, so these platforms reduce the time needed to develop and deploy new products for that market.




For more information, download and read the White Paper titled “Dell and Napatech: Accelerating Appliances”.



For more information on how Napatech has developed these high-speed PCIe accelerator cards for data-center applications, see “FPGAs as business-model enablers: Napatech at the Ethernet Technology Summit.”



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