FPGA-based Virtual Reality Goggles appear as a Kickstarter project—4 weeks left to fund!

2014年9月17日 | By News | Filed in: News.


Vrvana’s Totem premium VR (Virtual Reality) headset plugs into an HDMI video source and plunges you into the world of 3D—and yes, the real-time video processing is done on a Xilinx 7 series FPGA. What makes the Totem headset merit the adjective “premium”? Could be the “no-compromise, full-HD-resolution 1080p OLED display” and the accompanying wide field of view. Could be the on-board stereo camera pair and the build-in accelerometer. Could be the immersive binaural sound generation that maintains the illusion of spatial reality. Could be all of those things plus a few more.




Vrvana Totem VR Headset.jpg


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