Single-chip 400G Ethernet demo based on UltraScale FPGA “works like a charm” on 4-minute video

2014年9月16日 | By News | Filed in: News.

This 4-minute video demo of the industry’s first single-chip solution for 400G applications based on one 20nm Virtex UltraScale VU090 device on a VCU109 development board; four Sumitomo Electric CFP4 optical modules driven by 16 GTY SerDes ports on the UltraScale FPGA, each running at 25.78Gbps; and 10 km of optical fiber. The demo “works like a charm,” as Martin Gilpatric says in the video. It’s clear that this demo is live because transmission stops immediately when Gilpatric pulls one of the four fibers from its socket. By the way, transmissions are error-free until Gilpatric pulls the plug.


This demo also employs Xilinx Ethernet MAC and PCS IP specifically developed for 400G. Because 400G Ethernet is in the pre-standard phase, putting these IP components into programmable logic allows designers to experiment with 400G designs while tracking any changes to the spec as 400G Ethernet develops into a formal standard.


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