The Zynq Book: Free PDF or $27 paper version. Your choice. Get them here:

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The The Zynq Book small.pngZynq Book is finally ready! More than 400 pages of careful tutorial written by Louise Crockett, Ross Elliott, Martin Enderwitch, and Robert Stewart at the University of Strathclyde’s Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering. The book provides both descriptive and hands-on introductions to working with the Zynq SoC and is divided into three parts:




  • Part A: Provides introductory information about the Zynq device, its associated toolflow, and the ZedBoard.


  • Part B: An in-depth review covering various aspects of the Xilinx SoC development using Zynq including the concepts of embedded systems design, IP block creation and integration, and software-hardware codesign.


  • Part C: Focuses on OSs for Zynq SoC development including applications, motivations, trade-offs, OS alternatives, and OS features.


You can download a free PDF copy of the book here. You can also download additional tutorials and source code for the examples using the same URL.


If you prefer a hardcopy of the book, you are in luck because the price for the book on and at Barnes and Noble are less than $30.


Tough choice? Not really because you don’t need to choose. Get the book in both forms because each has advantages. The PDF provides immediate gratification and easy searchability. The paper version—well it’s a book, isn’t it?


Congratulations to the hard-working authors at the University of Strathclyde. Writing this book was truly a monumental feat that required many, many hours.



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