28-Gbps backplane capabilities of Xilinx’s UltraScale FPGAs enable 1Tbps networks

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By Romi Mayder, Director of Technical Marketing, Xilinx



Two years ago, a report by IEEE concluded that if current trends continue, communications networks will need to support capacity requirements of 1Tbps per second by 2015 and 10 Tbps by 2020. By next year, there will be nearly 15 billion fixed and mobile networked devices and machine-to-machine connections, according to the July 2012 report. For optical transport network (OTN) applications, the bandwidth per wavelength in a core node is expected to be in the range of 100G to 400G in 2015, rising to approximately 400G to 1T in 2020.


Many companies have expressed the need for 1Tbps applications for networking. These applications require transceivers that can directly drive 25G/28G backplanes due to reasons of routability, crosstalk, differential insertion loss and impedance matching, among others. Xilinx Virtex UltraScale devices surmount these challenges and support 1Tbps applications by enabling 25G/28G backplane operation without a retimer.

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