FPGA-based image resizer accelerates image resizing by 48-70x for data centers, hyperscale computing apps

2014年7月22日 | By News | Filed in: News.


Convey Computer Image Resizing Server.jpgConvey Computer’s new Accelerated Image Resizer is an FPGA-based PCIe card dedicated to resizing images, which needs to be done surprisingly often. Web servers are constantly serving up thumbnail versions of online images for social-media sites, searches, various forms of e-commerce including online catalogs, and many other Web applications.


The computational load for all of this picture manipulation has fallen on conventional Web server processors, which are not well matched to this task because image resizing is computationally expensive—shrinking a 12Mpixel image to thumbnail size can take 1.5 seconds on a server CPU. Multiply that by the many thousands of images that must be served up every minute of every by Web servers and there’s a real need for acceleration.

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