PrePrint: Delay and Capacity Analysis in MANETs with Correlated Mobility and f-cast Relay

2014年3月12日 | By News | Filed in: News.

Many studies have presented the order sense results of information transmission capacity and packet delivery delay in mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs). To achieve the fundamental understanding of MANETs, we focus on deriving the closed-form expressions of the network capacity and end-to-end delay. A MANET with the generalized correlated mobility model is considered in this paper, where the mobility of nodes clustered in one group is confined within a specified area, and multiple groups move uniformly across the network. We also leverage limited packet redundancy to speed up the packet transmission, i.e., each source node is allowed to distribute at most f copies of each packet in its delivery process. Specifically, we first propose an effective multi-hop schedulingrouting scheme under the correlated mobility model, and then develop the closed-form expressions of both per node throughput capacity and expected end-to-end delay. We further explore the trade-off between throughput capacity and packet delay by using packet redundancy f. The simulation studies validate our theoretical results.

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