A Look into the Open Source Hardware Community

2014年2月22日 | By News | Filed in: News.


AS you may know, just few weeks ago OSHWA published the results from 2013 Open Hardware Community survey. You can find original datasheets and everything here. Despite raw data is good, I thought it was good to spend some time looking at the data trying to gather more insights, when possible, still keeping in mind that the survey samples a very limited and polarized (OSHWA centric) chunk of the community. But we need to start from something in a way.   Getting involved: How and Why By looking at Q1. How did you first get involved with open-source hardware? We see that around 40% gets into the notion of Open Hardware since accessible designs solve a factual problem for them (indeed they are user of Open Source Hardware or they are looking up hardware designs to use). The remaining 60% is mostly made of people curious about the notion and concept of open source hardware: this highlights the demand for a more structured conversation on the conceptual topics. […]

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