Run-n-Read keeps e-book text steady while you're on the treadmill (video)

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RunnRead keeps ebook text steady while you're on the treadmill video

Many people read while they’re using exercise machines, but we don’t envy them; it’s not easy to concentrate on a novel when running. Weartrons may help those athletic readers maintain their focus with its upcoming Run-n-Read peripheral. The clip-on device detects its wearer’s movements and compensates for them on a host Android or iOS device, keeping e-book text steady in the midst of a treadmill run. Owners can also tap the Run-n-Read to turn pages, and the gadget doubles as a pedometer in between reading sessions. Weartrons is starting a crowdfunding campaign for the Run-n-Read today, and is asking gym rats to pledge a nominal $55 to get a device of their own. If all goes smoothly, the company should deliver its first units no later than January.

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