Smart TV Alliance now lets developers submit apps once for use on all supported TVs

2013年9月5日 | By News | Filed in: News.

Smart TV Alliance

The Smart TV Alliance wants apps that work across multiple platforms, but developers have so far had to submit those apps to each TV maker — a process that can take ages. Things should speed up now that the Alliance has launched a Developer Support Program. From now on, software teams can send apps through a single approval system that qualifies a given release for use with every Alliance-compatible set. Developers can do more with those apps, too. The Alliance has posted a version 2.5 SDK that allows multi-screen integration with mobile apps, and it’s promising a future 3.0 spec that includes support for both Ultra HD TVs and home automation. While there’s no launch date for 3.0 at this stage, TV app creators will find both the Developer Support Program and SDK 2.5 at the source link.

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