Haptix wants to turn every surface into a multi-touch controller

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Motion-based PC interfaces are all the rage, thanks to Microsoft’s Kinect and the folks at Leap Motion. San Francisco-based Haptix is sure it’s got a better solution than the rest, but it needs a healthy $100,000 to get there. The company’s got a Kickstarter page going for its self-titled peripheral that can be clipped to a device or placed on a table to offer up both a 3D sensing layer in the air and a multi-touch layer on a flat surface. The dual layers give you more ways to interact with your device, and a chance to rest your palm on the table, when the whole reaching out thing proves too tiring. In the Kickstarter pitch video below, you’ll also see a Haptix picking up brushstrokes, which could certainly have some cool implications for artists.

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