Parallella 'supercomputers' headed to early backers, 16-core boards up for general pre-order

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DNP Adapteva's production Parallella boards headed to early backers, 16core version to go up for general preorder

Following its successful Kickstarter campaign, Adapteva flashed the production versions of its Parallella “supercomputer” boards in April, penning in a loose summer delivery date. Today, the company reports that the first “beta” units have begun winding their way to backers who pledged at the DEVELOPER, 64-CORE-PLUS and ROLF levels. Other backers should receive their boards by summer’s end “after some final refinements.” For those who missed the crowd-funding window, you too can get a Parallella, as Adapteva has now opened up general pre-orders for the 16-core version on its website. While all Kickstarter-bought boards will bear a Zynq-7020 SoC, new pre-orders are configured with a 7010 as standard, though you can upgrade to the 7020 if you lay down a little more dough. However, newcomers will be treated to “Gen-1” boards, which will offer slight improvements over earlier versions, such as reduced power consumption and an added serial port three-pin header. You’ll find the basic 16-core board going for $99 over at Adapteva’s store, with an expected October delivery date. The company tells us the 64-core version will also be available for public consumption, with pre-orders beginning in Q4 this year.

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Source: GitHub (Gen-1 board specs), Adapteva store

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