IFTTT's new iPhone app taps into Contacts, Photos and Reminders (hands-on)

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IFTTT hooks into iPhone's Contacts, Photos and Reminders in new mobile app handson

IFTTT has been around for a couple of years now as an internet service that lets users customize connections between different apps and devices. The name stands for If This Then That, which encapsulates the idea behind it — users can create automation Recipes that combine a Trigger (the “This”) that’ll result in an Action (the “That”). A popular example is to to have all your Instagram photos (the Trigger) automatically saved to your Dropbox folder (the Action). Services like Instagram and Dropbox are known as “Channels,” and there are different Triggers and Actions associated with each. While it’s a pretty neat concept, the only way to access IFTTT has been via the browser, and even then, Channels are limited to mostly web services.

IFTTT hopes to end all that today with its first-ever mobile app headed for iOS, aptly called IFTTT for iPhone. Not only does it provide a much more streamlined interface for Recipe creation — only five taps required — it also signifies an all-important next step in IFTTT’s evolution: the ability to hook into a device’s native Channels, namely Photos, Contacts and Reminders. Just like with the web services mentioned earlier, you can use them to create Recipes that take advantage of the phone’s capabilities. For example, you can have it so that all the photos you take with the front-facing camera will be sent to Flickr with the “selfie” tag, or you can automatically send new contacts an introductory “Nice to meet you” email. Join us after the break for more of the app’s features along with our hands-on impressions and some thoughts from IFTTT’s CEO and co-founder, Linden Tibbets.

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