Brushless motor camera gimbal

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We’ve seen steadycam mounts that allow videographers to capture the action without a lot of wobblevision, but [Tom]‘s DIY stabalized camera rig does far more with the help of a few brushless motors.

The basis of [Tom]‘s camera gimbal is a Foxtech brushless gimbal originally designed for quadcopters and other FPV aerial vehicles. Instead of servos, this gimbal uses brushless servos for much smoother rotation on each axis as well as the ability to rotate more than the 180 degrees most servos offer.

The off-the-shelf gimbal was connected upside down to a shoulder mount, allowing [Tom] to point the camera manually while also allowing his hands to operate an RC transmitter for pitching and rolling the camera inside its frame. The results are spectacular: [Tom] is able to take absoutely steady shots of him walking down a steep mountain trail.

You can check out [Tom]‘s explanation and demo of his camera gimbal after the break. Thanks [raalst] for sending this one in.


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