Tianhe-2 supercomputer claims the lead in Top 500 list, thanks its 3.1 million processor cores

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As predicted, Chinese supercomputer Tianhe-2 (also known as the Milky Way-2) has now been crowned the most powerful supercomputer in the world. Arriving years ahead of schedule, and packing 32,000 Xeon processors alongside 48,000 Xeon Phi accelerator processors, the supercomputer can manage a quadrillion mathematical calculations per second (33.85 petaflops), double that of last year’s king (and closest rival), the Titan. In this year’s results, 80 percent of the Top 500 used Intel processors, while 67 percent had processors with eight or more cores — as clock speeds stall, supercomputer development has now focused on processors running in parallel. Top 500 editor Jack Dongarra adds that “most of the features of the [Tianhe-2] system were developed in China, and they are only using Intel for the main compute part,” meaning that you can expect to see more Chinese entrants (and possibly champions) over the next few years. For now, however, the US still claims the majority of the Top 500, with 253 top-ranking supercomputers.

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