Hands-on with Meta 1, a 3D augmented reality headset with a natural UI (video)

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Handson with Meta1, an 3D augmented reality headset with a natural UI video

Augmented reality is the future, or at least the proliferation of AR apps and hardware seems to indicate that’ll be the case. Meta revealed its own augmented reality device, called Meta 1, in January and is currently in the midst of a Kickstarter campaign to ramp up manufacturing and get it to the people. If the headset looks familiar, that’s because its hardware is: it’s comprised, in no small part, of Epson and SoftKinetic gear. It utilizes the 960 x 540 binocular 3D displays from Epson’s Moverio glasses and the depth sensor sitting atop them comes from SoftKinetic. Of course the glasses you see are but a first generation and are wired to a battery pack worn around the waist — the company’s currently working on slimming things down with customized eyewear that’ll be revealed later this year, however. For now, the dev kit and the still-in-development Unity-based SDK are slated to ship in September, but we got to see some of what Meta 1 can do a bit early.

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