Virtuix hooks up Oculus Rift to its Omni treadmill, shows off 'True VR' (video)

2013年4月22日 | By News | Filed in: News.

Virtuix hooks up Oculus Rift

Sure, Omni-directional treadmills are nothing new, but Virtuix’s take is worth a mention now that it’s been shown off working in conjunction with the Oculus Rift. The company’s been posting videos of its Omni treadmill working with Kinect for months, but last Thursday it upped the ante by adding the Rift. All told, it makes for what looks to be an intense VR session of Team Fortress 2 — one-upping SixSenses’ Razer Hydra demo for the VR headset. The company’s been working on this unit as an affordable solution for households, aiming to eventually try for funding via Kickstarter. Catch the video demo after the break and please resist throwing money at the screen in an attempt to get in on the action early.

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Via: Mashable

Source: Virtuix (YouTube)


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