Smartisan OS unveiled in China, takes a fresh approach on Android UI design(老罗的Smartisan终于上瘾科技了)

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Smartisan OS unveiled in China, takes a fresh approach on Android UI design

Following the likes of Meizu and Xiaomi, another star is born in the Chinese smartphone market. In fact, some may already know the man behind this new Android-based Smartisan OS: Luo Yonghao, a self-taught ex-English teacher (and later becoming the principal of his own English school until last August), as well as the founder of influential blogging platform (now and the chairman of Chinese font studio Redesign. Luo is also a relentless consumer advocate, with his most notable act being his fridge-smashing protest outside Siemens’ Beijing headquarters in November 2011, in order to highlight the company’s refusal to acknowledge their faulty fridge doors (all explained in the “More Coverage” link at the bottom).

Already a bit of a legend in China, the 40-year-old serial entrepreneur announced last April that he had formed Smartisan Co., Ltd. to work on a smartphone OS, and that it would shame all manufacturers with its revolutionary user experience. Having missed the December target that he promised, Luo eventually took the stage in Beijing last week to spend well over three — yes, three — hours going through the thought process behind his Smartisan OS, so bear with us here.

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