Necomimi cat ears' creators branch out into brain-controlled headphones (Necomimi脑波控制器)

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While we’ve always thought that brain-controlled cat ears are a perfectly viable business model, it’s usually in a company’s best interest to diversify, in case, you know, the bottom ever drops out of the furry accessory market. Neurowear, the company behind the Necomimi, which provided some of the more memorable moments at this year’s CES, showed off its latest project, the Mico, which continues the company’s core competency of letting people do stuff with mind waves. In this case, it’s music control. A big white pair of headphones are connected to a sensor that rests on your forehead and a dangling clip for your earlobe (a la the Necomimi).

The cans connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth, using your current mood to select a song from the company’s app, which currently contains about 100 tracks. According to the company, the songs have been “neuro-tagged,” based on its testing, to ensure that they match up to perceived mood. If your mood changes, just give the phone a shake and it will clean the musical slate Etch-a-Sketch-style.

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