Insert Coin semifinalist: cSpring bipedal robot wants to 'level the playing field' for university research(自制双足机器人)

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Insert Coin semifinalist cSpring bipedal robot wants to 'level the playing field' for university research

Check out this Mac-headed robot. It’s the cSpring Biped Educational Development Kit from the folks at the similarly-named Cognitive Spring team. According to its creators, the ‘bot is an attempt to “level the playing field between universities,” letting students tool around with an affordable bipedal robotics platform. cSpring has 12 servos in all — three per hip, one per knee and two per foot. It’s controlled by the Cognitive Shield, a bit of technology developed by the team in order to help bring the ‘bot to life. Cognitive Spring will be launching crowdfunding campaigns to bring bot of these products to life.

cSpring’s also got a “Kinect-like” camera on-board for sensing its environment, to help users perform what the company’s CEO calls “really easy controls.” Jump in after the break for a couple of videos of an early cSpring model in action, and click the source link below for more information on all of the above.

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