Google Glass patent application shows detailed diagrams(Google glass专利)

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Google Glass patent application shows detailed diagrams

Along with a lot of publicity, Project Glass from Google has generated a bevy of approved patents and applications, but the latest one shows that the search giant’s trying to wrap up the whole kit and kaboodle — replete with detailed diagrams and descriptions to back it up. Specifically, Mountain View is claiming the design of the frame itself including the bridge, brow portion, transparent display, input device plus the means for affixing everything. There are detailed descriptions of how the device can be configured — for instance, one claim states that the screen could be adjusted “normal to the focal center of the eye,” and the position of the electronics placed “over a first side of the ear.” It goes on to explain the need for a balancing weight “over the second side” of the same ear in the latter case, such that “a majority of the overall weight is applied” to one side, which certainly jibes with some of what we’ve seen. That’s just for starters, though — head after the break to see more diagrams and details.

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Source: USPTO



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