How you can get your hands on Google Glass early (谷歌眼镜最初上手介绍)

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How you can get your hands on Google Glass

So when can you get your very own slice of Google future? Perhaps sooner than you thought. The company’s just outlined a competition that will put its Glass device in the hands of non-developer types. Using Twitter or Google+, you’ll need to outline what you would do if you had the device — we’re guessing they want to see some big ideas. Applications need to be less than 50 words and tagged with #ifihadglass. Media-wise, you can include photos and even a short video to support your application. Alas, for now at least, the process is only for those over 18 and is currently US-only. The deadline is February 27th and winners will be made a Glass Explorer — quite the title. Those lucky few will still have to preorder their own Glass Explorer Edition ($1,500 plus tax) but there’ll be special pick-up sessions held in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Until then, Google’s offered up a whole new gallery of images to help you imagine how you might look with its high-tech wearable.

Update: Google’s crafted a meatier video for the UI within Glass. We’ve embedded it after the break, but it better outlines how image capture, translation, directions, voice-controlled messages and (naturally) web searches are likely to behave on those frames.

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