Your own head-mounted display for under two bills

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[D S] wanted his own head-mounted display. What you see here is just his mockup, but somewhere along the way he realized it’s closer to a finished build than just being a stating point. Not only does it work well for gaming, it came in at under $200 all in. You think your girlfriend makes fun of you now for wearing that big microphone headset while playing? Just wait until she gets a load of these!

We’ve embedded an image gallery after the break as well as the description he sent us with his email. The display itself is a 7″ LCD module from eBay that boasts a hair better than 720P resolution: 1280×800. He’s using a pair of ski goggles to strap the display to his noggin. The enclosure is made out of foam board which should help keep the weight down. Inside there’s a Fresnel lens but after reading his description of how he measured the focal length we’re still not 100% clear on how he figured out where to mount it.

Though it may be missing the 3d of the rift,a quick mod could fix that and he’ll be well on his way through the journey to building his own Holodeck.


I just recently made a mockup for my head mounted display project that I will be refining over the next few months. However the mockup turned out so good that I thought I´d share it with you all.

Things needed for this project:

7″ 1280×800 resolution lcd panel with a controller board and buttons (can be sourced from for between $100 – $150)

Skiing or snowboard goggles

Foam core plastic sheets

A postcard-size plastic fresnel lens (available at some book stores)

Plastic or crazy glue, double tape and duct tape.

Totaling at about $200 at max I think.

First I took the plastic visor out of the goggles and used it as a reference to cut out the fresnel and put that in the goggles instead.

Then I powered on the screen and plugged it into my computer to make sure it worked and have a picture on it to measure the focal distance which will be the depth of the casing (plus 2-3mm to accomodate for some double tape to mount the screen inside the casing).

I then got the foam core and cut out five big pieces for the front, top, bottom and sides and two small triangles for the nose piece. I used the screen and goggles and my ideal focal distance between the two as reference for the size and shape of the casing (Shape will vary with different goggles, size of screen and each individuals eyes so I will not go into that in detail).

I think the pictures should pretty much explain the rest.

It only took me a few hours to get this together once I had all the material sorted and it´s greatly rewarding to put it on and play your favorite game on the equivalent of a movie screen.

I hope you guys like it and are motivated to make your own 🙂

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