TI-Nspire rethinks the graphing calculator for the iPad (video)

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TI rethinks the graphing calculator with TINspire for iPad video

With tablets slowly working their way into the classroom, it wasn’t a huge stretch to realize that Texas Instruments would bring a graphing calculator app to the table, but would you believe its solution is just hours away? The company has revealed TI-Nspire for the iPad, which is currently available within the App Store for those in Australia. Beyond problem solving, the product is said to provide an interactive experience that should be helpful for reinforcing mathematical concepts. Depending on your needs and curriculum, you’ll find numerical and symbolic (CAS) versions of the TI-Nspire app, both of which cost $29.99. Yes, the app’s a bit pricey, but it’s not surprising given the insane profit margins of TI’s graphing calculator biz. Hop the break for a better peek of the app that might just become required within classrooms.

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